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More to religion
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Abortion Plank — PS
Moral policy vs individual morality.
God's Reasons — RG
Revelation and reason in public policy.
One Woman's Reasons - MM
The receiving end of public policy.
God's Reasons Reconsidered — PS
Another rejoinder to RG
Apologetics & Theology
Reviving a Dead Language — PS
Taking back faith-talk from Fundamentalism.
Killing Christ — PS
On one of humanity's favorite pastimes.
Karras of Thebes — KG
The fiction and reality of Church conflict.
Sometimes God Cries - KG
Did Jesus really say that?
Christian Orthodoxy is not a Dental Procedure — PW
A glimpse through faith's window.
Re-Dreaming Christianity — PJW
Listening, Witness, and a Six-Pack
The Art of Digital Photography — PS
To PhotoShop or not to PhotoShop?
Clergy Abuse
How I was Abused — KG
My deposition to the mediator.
More than Just Your Money's Worth — KG
The Church reneges.
An Open Letter to Survivors — KG
On dealing with the double violation.
And then I had the Dream — KG
Clergy abuse fifty years later.
I Accuse! — VN
A passionate survey of a global problem.
Of pedophiles and suicide bombers — PS
Multicultural ways to abuse our young.
Reefer Madness — PS
Lighten up and let light up.
A Declaration of Co-Dependence — PS
The art of enabling.
Ethics & Morality
For and Against Moral Purity — PS
Trying too hard to be good.
Human Nature — PS
Justice and who we think we are.
Splendor is as Splendor Does — PS
Absolute morality vs the Church.
Leviathan, Inc. — PS
To be moral on the job, your career may have to hang from the Cross.
Speak of the Devil — PS
"Yes, Virginia, there is a bogeyman."
To Kill a Mass Murderer — PS
Killing's too good for them, too bad for us.
Extra-terrestrial Intelligence
Alien Minds — JF
The search for humans in the cosmos.
Abducted in their Dreams — PS
A little Twilight Zone music please...
God in Science Fiction — PS
Atheist science-fiction writers re-invent God.
The Future
The Future of our Past — PS
Four tools forbuilding the 21st century.
The Redoubt of the Soul — PS
The coming assault on human nature.
Apocalypses Now — PS
Scenarios of the end-times.
Global War on Terror
(Starting from the bottom)
Li'l Johnnie's Jihad Page — LJ
A Victory for Islam — PS
GWOT, Islam, Big Brother and You — PS
Bin Laden's Performance Appraisal — PS
The Root Causes of War — PS
Iraq: An Exchange — MM, RA
On the Nature of Violence — RA
A Sterile Pacifism — RA
Making a Killing — PS
Iraq, Sovereignty and "Just" War — EPD
Open Letter to Jaques Chirac — RstG
Thanksgiving — PS
A Pacifist Call to Arms — ES
Iraq — We Can Avoid War — PS
One Year Later — PS
The New World War — PS
Lessons from Dogs — PS
Thinwa against Fundamentalism — PS
Religious Non-entity calls for Yeehah! — PS
No Sympathy for Evil — PS
The Shape of Peace to Come — PS
I Choose Peace — JS
Against Terrorism, not Islam — PS
The right to be ourselves — PS
How much angrier? — PS
War and Peace — PS
We'll go forward from this moment — LP
War by Other Means — PS 9/11/2001
Make Peace with Iran? — PS
Sharon's Intifada — PS

Pooper Scooper

Kay Goodnow

John Carey

Robert George

Robert Franklin

Mary Anne Mills

Rich Daniel

John Futterman

John Donne

Janet Sunderland

Anna Mills Raimondi

Erica Solie

Perry Deess

Richard Adler

R. St. Germain

Peter Wright

Vinnie Nauheimer

Peter J. Walker

Stephen D. Unwin

Gerry Lower

Li'l Johnnie

Leonard Pitts, Jr.

What is Islam? — PS
The West meets Islam. From Gulf War I.
Problems with Christianity — RD
An atheist doubts Christian claims.
Why I Believe there are no Gods — RD
The case for strong atheism.
Problems with Rich's Problems — PS
A rebuttal to the above two pieces.
Answers to the Hierophant's Proselytizer Questionnaire - PS
A skeptical ex-Fundie asks, we answer.
Interviews & Reviews
A Religion of Second-Class Boys — PS
The Islamist
Madness in their Method — PS
My Year Inside Radical Islam: A Memoir
Who do you say that I was? — PS
A Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus
God of the Natural Philosophers — PS
Religion & Science: Historical & Contemporary Issues
Jefferson's Eyes on Gibson's Passion — GL
The Passion of the Christ
That Old Time Religion — PS
The Passion of the Christ, the hand on the hammer.
Staring into the Palantir — PS
The Battle for Middle-Earth: Tolkien's Divine Design in the Lord of the Rings
Ministry & Worship
Facets the Cross — PS
Good Friday revisited.
Facets of the Resurrection - PS
Easter revisited.
Latin in Anno Domini 2000 — KG
Remembering the Latin liturgy.
Ice Crystals — KG
God's Glory in the new year.
Silent Sermons — KG
When beauty speaks to the soul.
Stephen Ministry as Evangelism — PS
Spreading the Word by listening.
(It could be verse!)
When I know who I am — KG
Holy Sonnet XIV — JD
First Church of the Self-Satisfied — PS
Reflections on the Vietnam War Memorial — PS
We! — PS
Mindfullness at Mealtime — PS
Swallow — PS
(For much more visit DogPAC)
You can't know Jack — PS
The definitive statement of Blind Chihuahuaism.
A Litmus Test for Judicial Nominees — PS
If you had one question, what would you ask?
What's Wrong with Conservativism? — PS
Against Right-Wing Christian Fundamentalist politics. From the Reagan-Bush era.
What's Wrong with Liberalism? — PS
Extreme Left-Wing ideology as idolatry. From the era of Bush the Younger.
The Shape of Politics — PS
The Political Spectrum as a Dancer's Butt.
Race & Class
Remembering Dr. King — PS
Marks of modern sainthood.
Science and Faith — PS
Science and Religion as paths to Truth.
Teach Your Children — PS
Science education and the "courage to think."
The Best and Most Useful Lie — PS
Can calculus describe reality?
The Antithesis of Science — JC
It's politics, not religion.
In the Mind's Eye — JF
Atheist physicist finds God?
Farewell, Columbia — PS
On the second space shuttle disaster.
Many Worlds Apart — SDU
If the Universe isn't unique, what is?
On Becoming a Christian — PS
Encounters with gay laity and gay clergy.
A Soldier's Story — PS
Character sketch of a Vietnam Veteran.
Young Love — PS
High-expectations of high-school romance.
Weapons & Hope
Obscenity and Peace — JF
The H-Bomb or the Cross?
A Farewell to Arms Research — PS
The state of US nuclear weapons work in 1994.
Testing One, Two, Three, Four... — PS
The comprehensive nuclear test ban in 1994.
A Persian Gulf War Diary — PS
Notes made during Gulf War I.
Thoughts on Peacemaking — RF
Pacificism vs slaughter.
Theological Prospects for Mideast Peace — PS
A work no longer in progress.
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Monk in Scriptorium, courtesy of holoweb.Welcome to our library of illuminated and benighted manuscripts. Although you will find humor, irony, and inspiration here, some of these pieces explore the gray zone between good and evil. If you wade into them from the side of the angels, you may meet yourself coming the other way.

Fundamentalists: For you, these manuscripts are anathema, proscribed, aveira, haram, etc. You read them at the risk of excommunication by the people of your faith, and damnation by the deity of your choice.

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