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More to religion
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Fundamentalists see themselves as Keepers of Tradition (a role actually played by non-Fundamentalist Conservatives), without whom our societies would drift into meaninglessness, or worse. But if the Fundamentalists had their way, our religions, belief systems, and societies would never grow beyond the what Fundamentalists believe to be the pristine conditions of their founding. Fundamentalists of any variety will probably not enjoy VCBC.

While the term "Fundamentalism" originated with a series of American pamphlets called The Fundamentals beginning in 1909 A.D., and denoted a defensive Protestant reaction against modernity, we use the term to describe any potentially idolatrous attachment to one's beliefs. Thus, one can be a Catholic Fundamentalist, a Buddhist Fundamentalist, an atheist Fundamentalist, an environmentalist Fundamentalist, etc.

If you think you may be a Fundamentalist, but aren't sure, we provide this handy self-examination to help you protect yourself from this web site. In this test "I" means you, and "you" means us. It is a parody adapted from a fifth grade report card used in New York City public schools at the turn of the 21st century.


Plays Well with Others
If you don't believe what I believe the way I believe it, then you're not a believer.
If you don't live the way I live and behave the way I behave, then even if you say you believe what I believe the way I believe it, I won't believe you.
If dont act the way I behave and believe the way I believe, then you're a danger to yourself and others — and it is my duty to get you to behave and believe like me.
Shows Respect for Authority
My Scripture is the only true literature. Everything else is riddled with lies and deceit, and may not be used to interpret my Scripture.
My Scripture interprets itself. To understand it, I need only to compare Scripture passages that cover the same subject or use the same word.
My Scripture requires no interpretation — it means exactly what it says.
If evidence of any kind contradicts my Scripture as I have been taught to interpret it, then there must be something wrong with the evidence.
Carries out Responsibilities
I try to get everyone around me to believe like me, or at least to behave like me.
I warn everyone I can about the error, danger, or evil of not believeing.
Obeys Rules and Regulations
I have a personal or spiritual leader or leaders whom I obey without question.
My Scripture is my guide in all matters, and its rules apply without modification or interpretation directly to all people in all times and places.
There is always a clear and simple choice between Good and Evil. Anyone who thinks otherwise is on the side of Evil.
Shows Self Control
I never let myself do, think, or say things my Scripture or my leaders tell me not to.
I never read, listen to, or watch anything that might challenge my beliefs.
Add 'em up!
Hello. May I sniff your fundament?

We are not trying to convert Fundamentalists. Indeed, we seek to save them from our offensiveness!