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You've heard about the "working poor." I would like to introduce a new socioeconomic class, the "working rich." These are people who are rich, as long as they're working. They are rich enough to pay the lion's share of the taxes in the United States, but not rich enough to buy their own politicians — and too few in number for their votes to make a difference. They are not to be confused with the rich, who are even less numerous, but who can make those big soft money donations, award those sinecures, and otherwise buy political influence, and who oppose tax cuts because (a) they've already bought their loopholes, and (b) they feel guilty about that part of their wealth that they haven't earned.

If you are not one of working rich, you still enjoy the benefit of having them work an extra 10 to 15 years so that they can fund your favorite social programs and still maintain their lifestyle in retirement. So, the next time you see someone who has worked their ass off to get and hold one of those really great jobs that pays good money, be thankful rather than envious. Whenever you want to take their money you and your fellow working non-rich citizens can tax them any way you like. You can even call it "taxing only the rich," to make yourself feel better. But the really rich won't pay a dime — that will be left to those who haven't quite made it, the working rich.

Rubbish! He's an upper middle class bastard who wants to keep the fruits of his labor that he owes you!