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Section 1: Religion in Schools

Whereas the freedom of Religion is an inalienable right recognized in and guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America, Congress declares that students are free to pray or otherwise express themselves religiously in public schools provided that they do not disrupt educational classroom activity, and that they do not use religion as a pretext for discrimination and or violence against one another. Congress further declares that prayer led or requested by teachers and other officials of a public school system is forbidden by the Constitution, inasmuch as teachers and other officials are paid agents of the Government, and that therefore prayer led or requested by teachers and other officials constitutes an establishment of Religion. Teaching or studying the Bible as Literature in an elective course in a public school does not constitute an establishment of Religion and is therefore permitted by the Constitution.

Section II: Religion as a Human Right

Whereas the mission of the United States is to enlarge freedom and prosperity for all people, the United States shall work for freedom of religious expression for all people of all faiths everywhere, including Christianity and Judaism.

Oh great. An unconstitutional Declaration. That'll clear things up.