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Every election cycle DOGPAC campaigns for causes and candidates that break the rules of traditional boring politics, who set precedents by their mere existence on the political stage, who inspire our awe if not our affection, who have the chutzpah to be themselves. Forthwith, we resoundingly endorse

For President and Vice President of the United States of America:
Alan Keyes and Ralph Nader!

They are equal and opposite, one right black and the other left white. They are both well spoken, highly educated, deep thinkers, skilled debaters. And not the pansy crap that passes for debate between presidential candidates on television. These two can handle real debate, Parlimentary or Cross-Examination style, as used in formal debating tournaments.

Now, we disagree with both of them on many issues, for example, Keyes on Abortion and Gay Rights, and Nader on the vilification of corporations. But they have given more thought to their positions than the average "I just wannabe President" candidates. We would be better off as a nation if their positions were more widely read, and deliberately rebutted, modified or accepted, rather than ignored. We would like for US presidential politics to become more of a thinking and speaking contest, and less of a canine peeing contest.

This is not to say that Barak, Hillary, and John don't think and talk. But by not having to face Alan and Ralph, they get away with thinking less hard about the issues.

Of course, in the real world Alan Keyes and Ralph Nader would never dream of running together. But wouldn't it be a trip!

Now just a minute! What could anyone have against a good peeing contest?