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The Official PAC of VCBC!

Here at DogPAC, the political paw of the Virtual Church of the Blind Chihuahua, we want better law and public policy, which leads us to cross from faith to activism, just like many other congregations. We even have a statement of faith-based political philosophy. We are fed up with a political spectrum mis-shaped by Liberals and Conservatives who have more in common than they want to admit. In contrast to their polarizing and short-sighted policies, we offer our own DogPAC Political Platform. We do all this because:

The Left wants government to reach into our wallets.
The Right wants government to reach into our underwear.
The Center can't even reach a consensus.

Armed with the courage to look foolish in public and our half-baked legislative agenda at left — a work in progress, your participation is welcome — we yap at the land we love. Please click through the links at left, and let us and your elected representatives know what you think. After all, democracy is not a spectator sport.

May our leadership be worthy of our followership and tolerant of our ridicule. And may our politicians, pundits and reporters be more committed to the truth than to the asylum.

So far, the difference between our major political parties has been like the difference between dung and excrement - one may sound better than the other, but they smell the same.

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And here is our political webguide:

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Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
Center for Defense Information

Democratic National Committee
Republican National Committee
Libertarian Party
Green Party

FactCheck - Annenberg Foundation
Pew Research Center

The Weekly Standard
The National Review

Tax Policy Center

US Declaration of Independence
US Constitution
US Bill of Rights
US Federalist Papers

American Civil Liberties Union
People for the American Way
Human Rights Watch
Jihad Watch
Simon Wiesenthal Center

OpenSecrets - Follow the Money

The Nation
Real Clear Politics

Tax Policy - Cato Institute

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