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Section I. Same-Sex Union

Whereas maintaining the public health requires that lifetime monogamous union be encouraged, and that promiscuity be discouraged, and

Whereas current laws regarding domestic partnership tend to undermine the institution of marriage,

Congress hereby encourages the States to create a legal status of same-gender union between two individuals with the same rights and priveleges as heterosexual marriage, and subject to the same laws regarding divorce. Congress further encourages the States to abolish all laws regarding domestic partnership without benefit of marriage.

Section II. Uniform Code of Military Justice

Whereas a homosexual soldier can follow orders, give orders, kill and die as well as a heterosexual soldier,

Congress and the President hereby direct the Military Services to amend the Uniform Code of Military Justice to adopt standards of behavior to which all soldiers can reasonably be expected to comply without regard to their gender or affectional orientation. The revision to the UCMJ shall be completed within two years of the enactment of this legislation.

Another crowd displeasing compromise.