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Section I. Execution

Whereas a convicted and incarcerated criminal is safe in his or her person from the power of the government save for execution, and

Whereas execution as currently implemented poorly serves society's needs for revenge and closure, and

Whereas society need not fear an adequately incarcerated and isolated criminal,

Neither Congress nor the States shall punish a criminal by execution, unless said criminal commits capital crime or conspires to have a capital crime committed while said criminal is imprisoned.

Section II. Isolation and Confinement

Whereas the need to protect society from violent criminals is of paramount importance, lifetime imprisonment in solitary confinement without possibility of parole and without access to communications with other persons, electronic or otherwise, except for periodic visits by immediate family members of the incarcerated person, or physicians or lawyers representing the immediate family members of the incarcerated person as may hereafter be authorized by the Congress or States for Federal or State crimes, shall not be considered cruel and unusual punishment for heinous crimes of violence, such as torture-murder, rape-murder, or multiple murders.

Section III. No Euthanasia

Whereas persons convicted of capital crimes such as murder, treason, and the like have committed the ultimate cruelty to others, and in so doing forfeit their right to receive the most extraordinary measure to prevent suffering in themselves,

Persons convicted of capital crimes such as murder, treason, and the like shall be ineligible to receive euthanasia.

Yeah, right. Usama Bin Laden on the public dole 'til death us do part.