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Section I. Physical Suffering and Pain

Whereas the people are expected to provide euthanasia as a loving service to their pets so that their pets may avoid suffering, and whereas failure to provide such service can be considered cruelty to animals, and

Whereas the moral and religious meaning and mystery of suffering is opaque to many, as is the value of life itself, and

Whereas no person can know the intensity of another's suffering,

Neither Congress nor the States shall prohibit or penalize the administration of euthanasia by a qualified physician in cases where the person to be euthanized is mentally competent and requests euthanasia, and three physicians independently agree in writing that the person to be euthanized is experiencing incurable and untreatable suffering and pain, and that such suffering and pain will be relieved only by death. The matter of euthanasia for physical conditions other than suffering and pain is remanded to the States.

Section II. Mental Illness

Whereas no person can know the true mental state of another, and mental illness can mislead a person as well as those physicians treating a person to make mistaken decisions, mental illness shall not be a condition to be resolved by euthanasia.

What's the big deal? You do it to us all the time.