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Section I. No Federal Funds for Bilingual Education

Whereas the strength of the United States comes from unity in diversity, by which we mean that people from diverse cultures adopt a unity of language and culture, and that the most logical choice for that unity of language is the language of the foundational documents and written law of the United States, which language is American English, however it may evolve in the course of time, and

Whereas bilingual education as presently practiced delays immigrant children's development of fluency in American English, and that such delay damages said children because adopting a new language becomes more difficult for most children as they get older, and

Whereas such damage constitutes a pernicious form of intellectual vampirism by creating a permanently disadvantaged client class which statists can then serve,

No federal funds shall be used for purposes of K-12 education in any language other than English. An exception shall be made for English as a Second Language, provided that ESL is taught no more than 1 hour per day per non-native English-speaking child, and for no more than one-half hour per day per non-native English-speaking child for coaching help with homework assignments.

Section II. Foreign Language Education

Whereas Americans need to speak languages other than English in order to conduct international business, foreign relations, diplomacy, and to get sources of news and opinion beyond what is offered in English-speaking news media, and

Whereas American children who can speak Foreign Languages are needed to render assistance to older immigrants for whom learning English is difficult or impossible,

No federal funds shall be given to schools or school districts unless they institute and maintain programs to insure that all students who graduate from 6th grade can speak, read, and write two natural living spoken human languages, one of which must be fluent American English.

Moneys heretofore devoted to bilingual education may be used for Foreign Language Education.

Bilingual ed really was the "soft bigotry of low expectations."